An autumnal pain in Kazan -6-

... We went out of the pine-smelling cottage to the muddy street of the village. Between colourful building, we moved towards the forest beyond the road. I could walk easier than before thanks to the high boots Regina had borrowed me. The cold wind not only froze our face but also blew all the smokes... Continue Reading →

An autumnal pain in Kazan -5-

... The sky had all tones of the grey. It was like an endless trip driving among high red pine forest. The road lost its colour because of mud was laying in front of us. Our speed was too low due to old rubbish looking Soviet-style lorries and trucks occupied narrow lines. My father was... Continue Reading →

An autumnal pain in Kazan -4-

... I found my mum with her worried eyes, in front of the wide window with the view of Volga river. I was late, my face was faded and red. Those were enough for my mum to guess that I had kidnapped by the Russian mafia. She was not someone panics easily. But She would never... Continue Reading →

İntihar ertesi.

Kız on yedi, oğlan yirmi birdi. Soğuk kış gecesi, Mesarya ovası sis içinde iki sönmemiş ışıklı pencereyi gizliyordu. Gece saat 01:42. Oğlan yorgun gözleriyle kızdan gelen mesajı ardı ardına okuyup durdu. "sana dediğimi yaptım. herkes yattı burda. kimse banyodaki eksik jileti fark etmedi!" Daha kavrayıp cevap yazmadan yeni bir mesaj geldi. "yarın yepyeni bir hayat... Continue Reading →

An autumnal pain in Kazan -3-

... The entire room was wooden and there were columns supporting the ceiling above us. It was an attic converted to a pension after an incompetent decoration. There were a bed and a hanger on the right side of the entrance; on the left, a tiny bathroom with its narrow door. The further side of... Continue Reading →

An autumnal pain in Kazan -2-

... Three weeks past in the blink of an eye. During this time, our relationship had a stable tempo.  We started to walk together after the school until the bus stations. We were walking down the Yapeyeva Street and arriving at Lenina Garden. After watching the swans preparing for winter in the black lake covered... Continue Reading →

An autumnal pain in Kazan -1-

Respects to Regina 12/10/2014 IQ Café, Kazan It was one of my regular Sunday walks. I was not walking for a healthy life or something like as. I was 17 and without boasting, I was the fastest right wing player of high school`s football team. Just only, I liked to be on my own and... Continue Reading →

What I chose for you today… -2-

1- Bulat Okujava Monument, Old Arbat, Moskow, Russia 2- Street Food, Bologna, Italy 3- Slums, Izmir, Turkey 4- Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand  5- Mini Museum, Gamcheon Cultural Village, Busan, Korea 6- Singer Cafe, Saint Petersburg, Russia 7- Baby Budha, Cheongyeonam Hermitage, Busan, Korea 8- Street Food, Kazan, Russia All those above are... Continue Reading →

What I chose for you today… -1-

1- Pigs` Heads, Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, Busan, Korea 2- Sunset in Alsancak, Izmir, Turkey 3- Korean Garden, National Park, Chiang Mai, Tthailand 4- Suffering Stone, Karpasia, North Cyprus 5- Latin night by the Moskva River, Moskow, Russia 6- Colourful Tires, Bologna, Italy 7- Love Locks, Kazan, Russia 8- Street Art, Belgrade, Serbia All above are... Continue Reading →'da Blog Oluşturun.

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