some facts should be considered about far distance relationships…

I think the best moment during a far distance relationship (FDR) is when couples meet each other after a long separation. it is like putting fire and gasoline side to side. it booms booms and booms…

How do I know that? Definitely a self-experience 🙂

As you can read on the title, the first struggle is about the “distance”… In some cities, an even 5km distance can be unreachable, so do not think that FDR is only for couples from different countries 🙂 solution is simple: meet as often as possible until you get together for permanently.  Sadly this solution is not only about money but also about the people`s workload. For instance, standard Chinese have 5days annually holiday. you can see how sacrificial relationship it will be under those conditions. That is the point where couples should form their career for their relationship if it is worth it.

Another significant issue is the quality of spending time while being far away. Let`s accept that nothing can be as good as a face to face interaction, even nowadays technologies are quite supportive of communication. This problem is solvable with the creativity of couples and different methods can keep the relationship to have a quality time. For example, sending postcards to each other of watching the same movies at the same time while being far and sharing the opinions… etc.

One more issue is the cultural disharmony. Indeed, I think that it can be a huge advantage to be with someone from a different culture. Because differences enrich people`s vision and can support the couples against problems better. However, if any of them are belong to a traditional culture or to a radical group, that relationship can be disastrous and social pressure can erode their love in short time. That is the point where couples should think to sacrifice their cultural bonds for their relationship if it worths it.

Governmental regulations are also an issue that should be considered sometimes. A very simple example can be the visa regulations. Due to political reasons, one country may apply too strict diet against other countries’ citizens. That can be too annoying until having a marriage bond. Mostly, less thing can be done if a governmental regulations are against the couples to be together. Knowing the law well enough, or finding the 3rd country to meet up can be a solution.

These above are major problems I see and had experienced myself. There are also some other minor problems. however, it does not seem to me mention too much about the negative sides of FDR. It is a sacrificial but also a rewarding situation to love someone from far and success to get together forever. I wish you good luck on your way if you have an FDR.

I share you a link which I found supportive and beneficial about FDR.

Stay well 🙂




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